Bitter Qualitative Fit Testing

Please watch the Bitter QUALITATIVE FIT TESTING training video.

Bitter is a method to be used to perform qualitative fit testing. A Qualitative Fit Test is a pass/fail fit test to assess the adequacy of respirator fit that relies on the individual’s responses to the test agent. The Bitter fit test can be used to test the fit of any of ourrespirators.

When performing the fit test you must use some type of N95 efficiency filter, as a minimum. For example, if you are testing someone who will be using the a vapor cartridge in the field, you must install either an N95, R95 or P100 on top of the vapor cartridges to perform the test. You must perform the fit test in this configuration even though the user may not be using any prefilter in the field. This is accepted practice since you are only testing the face to facepiece seal, and not the efficacy of the filtration. Filtration has already been validated through the NIOSH approval. Naturally, if the employee were going to use a filter or prefilter in the field, then you would test in the configuration actually to be used. If you are using the Bitter fit test to test any of our disposables, you can use the respirator that the employee will actually be using in the field.

On the following page, you will find instructions for the use of the Bitter Fit Test Kit. Go through the instructions and perform a few fit tests before actually performing any fit tests for our customers.

Click here to review the Bitter Qualitative Fit Testing instructions.

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