Disposable Respirator Fitting Instructions

Adjustable Strap Respirators

Note: Also see instructions on bag or box of specific respirator to be used.

• Review all instructions and warnings.
• Demonstrate all fit instructions on box or bag.
• When changing from any model/ size to another respirator, you must fit test.

1. Untwist straps. Thread bottom strap through bottom buckle and repeat for top strap. Hold respirator in hand with nose contour (narrow end) at finger tips, allowing headstraps to fall below hand. 
2. Place respirator under chin with molded nose contour (narrow end) up. Nose cushion must not be folded inside respirator. Raise top strap to top back of head. Pull shorter bottom strap over head, below ears, to around neck. Do not wear with only one strap.
3. Adjust tension on both top and bottom straps to provide a tight and comfortable seal. To tighten, pull ends of straps. To loosen, push open hinge of buckle with thumb and pull on strap.
4. Each time user enters work area, the respirator must be seal checked. Cover front of respirator by cupping both hands. INHALE SHARPLY. A negative pressure should be felt inside respirator. If any leakage is detected at respirator edges, adjust straps by pulling back along the sides and/or reposition the respirator. Repeat until sealed properly, otherwise do not enter work area and see your supervisor. Entry into a contaminated area with an improper fit may result in sickness or death.

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